What is CamwithU + About ?

On this page you can read about the different offers in the CamWithU + Concept and get an overview in Frequent asked questions. Like we gives

CamWithU is an opportunity to our members and visitors to get extra value from the models. Th 

 You will find as well cam nodels from CamWithU as well as models from other cam site or models who are not cam models. It is different what the models offer as  it is up to the models to decide which offers they want to feature.  So check out what your favorite model offers.  

CamWithU you plus is absolutely free and it is up to you if you want to join as paid member. When you sign up to new Cam With U  you automatically become member


Nine offers from the girls  that will enrich your cam experiences.

Chat On Demand

Chat on demand is a special service we offer to our members. The concept is simply that you make a deal with the model about when to have the chat. The benefits of this are many

recorded videos

Prerecorded videos. Here you will find prerecorded videos from the models. Some will be videos from shows they have while other will be hot videos they have produced special for the purpose. You can browse our selection of hot videos and find either the model or the theme that has your interest. The offers you find are from Cam with U models as well as from cam model from other sites and other adult models

Custom Videos

Well the concept of custom recordings is not new. adult performers have been making custom clips for their fans for years, usually selling them on their own personal websites. But now we are are applying this concept to our web cam with a  wide selection of offers from different models.

Model Shop

The Shop is a place where you can buy all different things that the models might have to sell (except Videos and Phone services which has their own categories ) It is up to the fantasy and creativity of girls what can be sold. Examples can be signed photos, calendars, panties, and the list goes on.

Fan Clubs

As CamWithU FAN member you get a range of benefits in form of special offers and savings
The fan clubs are related to the individual model and gives you special offers and aditional access to photos, videos, blogs, and other type of content that only are available for CamWithU FAN members. You can sign up for the models on our. Tthe models does not need to be CamWithU models since all cam models can join the CamWithU plus program

Stay in touch

Stay in Touch is a telephone system offered by CamWithU Plus which allows you to communicate with one or more models, by use of Mobil phone, tablet or PC.

Stay in touch enables you to communicate with your favorite girl without being limited of online schedules or slow communication via social media where


Hot Deals

Many of the models from Cam with U has special offers for members that can be free minuttes , free videos or competitions . You can find those offers if the model has a blog or on the special offer site where wee list all the special deals

Wish List

This is your opportunity to give your favorite cam girl a special gift , the gift can be anyhking from sexy & fun items like lingerie, lubricants to other usefull but less sexy thing.

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