CamWithU adds CamWithU+ and takes chat to another level

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How to get Access to CamWithU+ offers?

  • You follow this link and this will sign you up to CamWithU and Camwithuplus


Membership and what does it cost

  • O $
  • You have access to all the offers below if you sign up to Camwithuplus or live CamWithU. It will not cost you anything and we will give you approx. 3 minutes of free private at live.CamWith.U

Three in One

  1. Live.camwithU with some of the most popular Cam Models in Latin America and around the world
  2. CamWithU + chat site. New fresh blood, Amateurs, guest performers from other sites.Some of the hottest and most authentic Girls online
  3. You sign up to both sites but you need to buy separate credit. Besides great girl you can expect CamWithU + and all the activities beyond the chat platform

below you can see more about CamWithU+



Pre Recorded Videos

Pre Recorded Videos covers three different types. Depending on the model she may offer one or all types.

  • Earlier Recorded Cam Shows
  • Special recordings produced for video
  • Professional material for sale (mostly porn stars have such videos)

This offer is not linked to a specific Cam Site, but all models who have joined CamWithU+ can sell their videos


Click to enlarge.

Videos On Demand

Video on demand covers also three type. It is videos that are made special for you. The two types are made in connection with Chat while the last type is made off line

  • The first type is simply the recording of the Private you have with a model. Sometimes it is free or part of a special offer from the model.   All Cam modes can offer those videos but be aware that some Cam sits claims the right for the one to one videos and we cannot distribute them.
  • Recorded Private on demand. If you want the recording and save money to a great way is to book a Private on demand. Here you can always get the video because it takes place on our network and if the model offer customized Shows on demand you can be the instructor of your own live show recorded on video
  • The last option is that you instruct the modeled what you would like to see her doing how she should be dressed etc. and after your synopsis she produce video specially for you

Genrel Conditions for all Videos

Remember that the video offers are not limited to our own cam sites but any site

The videos covers many different genres which is marked on the site.

The videos are ordered in the model section on under “my offers” at the models site.

Never the less CamWithU is in Charge of the practical distribution. This also mean that it is us who are responsible for the quality and that time schedules are meet. Which gives you a security that the product match the specifications.

All Videos are transferred electronically in HD quality (videos which are not recorded in HD quality are clearly marked so.

Some models prefer to rent the videos out on Pay per View or Pay for a period of time.

Finally there models often use videos in their special offers & CamWithU+ members gets special offers
At the photo you can see an example on the marking



Stay in touch

Get the phone number of your favorite model

Next step is to start talking on the phone as this is more personal than a chat room with a lot of people or private where time runs fast.

You can also text or send and receive Pictures via MMS to the models. As paying member of CamWithU+ a special calling rate. What you do on the phone is up to you and it can range from casual chat to phone sex. To sign up is straight forward.


You fill out the form via the models site at CamWithU* + and pay for x minutes of credit, precisely like when you buy normal credit on vouchers to your phone. In fact we provide you a bonus because the special voucher gives you access to call all landline phones for free for half a year (this excludes the models)

The prices are in general not much higher than what you find on the national phone operators for international call. But since the models set the price there can be differences

Private On Demand


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Peivate On Demand

Private on demand

Private on demand has a lot of benefits. There are two types of Private on demand. One is for Pays Members of CamWithU + who gets a number of minutes free every month and the other where you buy credit at the CamwithU+ platform for the event. No matter what you will experience that Chat on demand ads quality and makes the session a truly online sexual experience here are how it works.

You simply agree with the model on when it suits your both and a minimum time for the session

This saves you money instead of being one of the guys in the lime “just” paying by the minute you get a very beneficial rate

You will have more time and you can enjoy without watching the ticking “credit card” clock

You can find a time that suits you both. You will have time and the model will not be in the mi9ttle of a busy workday

You can tell the model in advance what you would like

The Chat on demand is also open for all models from all cam sites

The standard price is 20 -25 $ for 10 minutes show plus there often will be bonus offers. Some models may chose a higher price but if you find the price to high let us know and we will see what we can do

Group Shows with featured models

Finally you could look out for group shows where the price is 6-8 $ for a half hour show

CamwithU+ & Fam Clubs


CamWithU + includes a fanclub

When you sign up to CamWithU + you get access to a model blog where you will find what the model posts there but we also publish what she post elsewhere plus you get access to the many good offers


This goes for all models no matter site, It is up to the model what she post but we the models providing material so you are sure there will not be dead blogs and for the models working on CamWithU and CamWithU Plus we can guaranty that this also includes that that model answer emails and blog comments. All this is Free.


If you sign up as paying member you will get some additional benefits. You will save on Private chats and get around 10 -15 percent discount on all offers from the model, there will be special deals for members and the models will have a member only section where they can post more private things than in public. Finally the models for sure will pay special attention to you as a fan or paying member


If you sign up as paying member you will get access to CamWithU+ offers that we give to loyal members that are not related to a specific model, but when you sign up you do it through the models site and most of the offers are related to that model. It is the models that are in focus, and they get most of the membership fee and that’s also why it is most fair that she is the one who gives you value for the money. Said in other words CamWithU + works very much like a fan club with some extra benefits we provide as cam site such as free Private minutes.


Therefore you should also check what the specific model offers before signing up. The Standard price for being a paying member that we recommend the models to charge is 59 $ a month but can vary depending on the model

Hot Deals


Hot Deals From The Models

We encourages and help the models making good deals. For our own models we support economically and for all we help with ideas and promotion.

The Hot Deals is a good way for the models to get promotion and for the customers or get some good offers. The got deals can be very different. It can be competitions (for example the best review get 15 free Private, it can be a video as bonus if you buy Private , 5 minutes bonus for free if you buy 15 minutes , free group shows and the list goes on .

Since the right to offer deals is not limited to our CamWithU models we cannot guaranty they are exclusive but we can assure that they will not offer better deals elsewhere. And for CamWithU + paying they can be sure that the savings they get will give offers not found elsewhere. Look out at the models sites for hot deals or see them all on our hot deal section




It is only few models that use the opportunity to sell  other products or services than mentioned never the less some models sell other things which is mentioned in the section Shopping

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