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Well the concept of custom recordings is not new. adult performers have been making custom clips for their fans for years, usually selling them on their own personal websites.

But now we are widening it to web cam centralized custom adult clip to also covering web cam but now we are widening it to web cam with a   selection of offers from different models allowing fans to commission personalized clips from a wide range of models, and at prices that matches normal cam chat.

The models can  make  completely  personalized videos to meet your every desire. Whether you have a general idea of what you want, or a very specific fetish, I can make a video for you. And don’t be shy. Nothing is too kinky or weird for me.

Read the f.a.q and the testimonials to learn more



what kind of customized videos cam be made

  1. The most simple is the recordings of your Privates
  2. Next is that you book a chat on demand an in advance instruct the model
  3. That the model makes a video off line after your instructions

When it comes to content it is only your and the models imagination and limits that set the frame


How much does it cost?

The Chat related videos are cheapest because you also pay for the chat. the prices can range from free op to 20 $ as standard but for more demanding or advanced instructed recordings around 50 is the top.

The offline videos are most expensive and here you should count on aromd 100 $

Price varies depending on many factors, including how complicated your story line is, what you want to see, and if the model need to hire additional talent.


How do I pay?

Pay Pal  or other payment methods CamWithU+ accept. as you pay to us. method of payment  but payment through multiple methods. See faq about payment


How long until I get my video?

For cam videos it depends on how difficult the task is . In case the recording does not require  special costumes or other people involved a few days is the norm

With the offline videos standard delivery is 2-3 weeks from when we receive payment. Rush delivery is a maximum wait time of 1 week, and increases the price based on how difficult it is to rush it. If you are interested in rush delivery, check the box on the contact form.


How will I get my video?

We email you email you a link to a password protected Vimeo page where you can download the video. Only you will receive the password.


Can I get my video in 1080p?


Yes, in most cases!


What the models or we won’t do


There are limits to what the models will do and we will not support recordings that includes under aged, extreme violence or rape fantasies, fantasies that compromise ethnic or religious beliefs or anything illegal


Can I get a photo set as supplement or instead?


Often, you can get a look under the models video ads or make an offer online instead.

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