What is Chat on Demand?

Chat on demand is a special service we offer to our members of as well CamWithU and CamWithU plus. The concept is simply that you make a deal with the model about when to have the chat the benefits are many.


First you can have the chat when it fits into your program and in that way you avoid spending time trying to catch the girl of your choice online.

Chat Quality & a more personal touch

Second you can both prepare for the chat. You can tell the girl what you would like and she can get ready to fulfill your special desires. You can also be sure that the model have time for you and you and you do not catch on a busy day where she has had many visitors in her room


Third. You save money because you agree on a specific time before the chat. This can range from 10-15 min and up this gives you good savings compared but buying chat time per the minute. In case you are a CamWithU plus member you will even get free bonus minutes.


The Chat on demand is something that is not only offered by our regular models. All models who are part of the CamWithU plus program can use our platform for chat on demand

How to get started


It is easy to get started

You sign up for the CamWithU (FREE) or CamWithU Plus membership

  1. You go to the girl’s site and fill out the chat on demand form
  2. The girl will contact you and you agree on the conditions
  3. If you do not have Credit you buy the agreed amount of time
  4. At the time you have agreed upon you will have the chat

For specific offers check the girl’s profile

Check our below the girls of CamWithU plus